yes, i think it’s better for me to tell the background of my relationship first,,

i met him in 2008 at semarang,, when i was a college student,,

he is my senior,, i entered college in 2005, he did in 2001,, i took communication, he took management,,

shortly we started our relationship october 2008,,

we’re bataknese,, my ancestors came from toba and his from samosir island,, there are same differences in our culture,, i’ll tell you about the details,, but in fact it’s not a big deal, there will always be a compromise, rite?

he’s catholic and i’m christian,, hmmm,, this is the complicated one,, altough basic of the dogma is quite similar, but in methods and same aspects, they’re different,, and they still categorized in different religion,, this resulted in the way we’ll have our holy matrimony,, and also one of us have to change the identity card with the new religion,, it needs more deepening in the way we have our faith to God not only about formal legal identity,,*sigh*

he has a great job and settle in financial,, no need to worry i think,,

futhermore, i’ll share more details about how we see this relationship,,


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